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What is Women's Motor Fest?

Women’s Motor Fest is a motoring event for every type of woman. Do you have a car you’re obsessed with? Maybe you have a motorcycle or have always wanted to ride one. There are so many women out there just like you. Whether you’re into the motoring scene or just love admiring cars, trucks, and motorcycles, Women’s Motor Fest is a place for you. 

Women are too often excluded from motoring culture. Women’s Motor Fest was created as an alternative to traditional car shows. It is a female-focused event where women can share their passion for vehicles, which includes everything from cars to motorcycles to trucks and off-road vehicles.

The goal of Women’s Motor Fest is to provide women with a fun environment where they feel comfortable exploring their interests in cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and motorsports.

We believe there are more women interested in cars, motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, and motorsports than ever before. This event is a place for women to come, celebrate, and connect with other women who are interested in the automotive world. Come celebrate women in automotive with us!

If you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or any type of vehicle you’d like to register for the show, register now or contact us for more information. We also still need volunteers to help with the show.

Contact us today for more information on sponsoring Women’s Motor Fest, being a vendor, or getting involved.

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Celebrating Women in Automotive

If you know either Throttle Gals or Femcanic Garage, you will know that both of our missions include the concept of empowering women in the world of automotive, skilled trades and motorsports. And let’s face it, MOST motoring shows are built entirely for the boys.  We are striving to change that!

We will have a plethora of activities at Women’s Motor Fest to inspire, educate, and celebrate women in automotive! We will have workshops, entertainment, products to try out, vendors, and of course: the cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.!  If you can drive or haul it and it has a motor it can be in the show.

Why two locations?  Femcanic Garage is based in Columbus, and Throttle Gals is based in Metro Detroit. So, it only makes sense to spread the love to both of our regions. We invite you to Come to both if you can – as they won’t be identical shows!

We will have a show in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area on June 18 and a show September 10 in Columbus, Ohio

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