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Women’s Motor Fest was founded in 2021. It emerged from the passion of women who work in, play with, or show an interest in the automotive, motorsports, off-roading, and motorcycling worlds. After hearing story after story of the challenges and limitations these women have experienced, it was clear that they needed a safe environment where they could share, brag about, and grow their passion in motor vehicles.

Women’s Motor Fest is an event created to pique women’s interest in your business and help you honor your DE&I commitment to women in your company. Through online content and exciting, educational, and experiential activities, Women’s Motor Fest will expand your company’s reach to this powerful and influential audience.


Our mission is to grow an inclusive community of like-minded women who can thrive in the male-dominated spaces of automotive, motorsports, off-roading, and motorcycling by creating diverse and interactive events through fun, education, and collaboration.


Our vision is to share our event with women across the U.S. who want to duplicate and lead Women’s Motor Fest events in their area.

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