Return & Refund Policy

Registration Refunds

Vehicle Registrations are refundable up to three weeks before the event, No exceptions.

Car Show Cancellation

Should health orders or another act require the in-person show to be cancelled, a notice will be posted to our Facebook page and all registrants will be emailed a notification. Please be aware there will be no refund given due to inclement weather.


  • Donations
  • Sponsorships/Advertising

Entry and Advertising Release

In consideration of Women’s Motor Fest LLC, d.b.a. Women’s Motor Fest, Accepting entry of the vehicle into this Women’s Motor Fest event, or entering the event as a workshop lead, paid or comp spectator, each of the following persons (the owner, designer and operator of the vehicle, and their spouse and /or guests), do hereby authorize, permit, give, grant, license, relinquish and release to Women’s Motor Fest, and to any of its affiliates, licensees agents and representatives, the absolute right to do each of the following activities involving the vehicle, and /or each said persons, whether for commercial and non-commercial purposes and uses, whether in connection with, before, during, or after the event or otherwise, and without any further payment, consideration or notice from Women’s Motor Fest, and in the sole discretion of Women’s Motor Fest, to:

  • photograph, draw, depict, copy characterize, and/or recreate any images or likeness of the vehicle, and/or each of said persons;
  • design, recreate, manufacture, produce, use, distribute and/or sell copies, replicas, miniature and/or toy models of the vehicle;
  • print, publish, distribute, disclose, and/or release details and /or information about the vehicle and/or any of said persons; and
  • create, assemble, manufacture, print, distribute and/or sell advertising, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, T-shirts, miniature and toys models, packaging, and/or articles of manufacture which show said vehicle and/or said persons, and/or any image thereof.

These rights to Women’s Motor Fest include, but are not limited to, any proprietary rights, intellectual property and/or copyright interests necessary to carry out each of the above identified activities, and further includes world-wide, non-exclusive and royalty-free license.