Detroit Auto Show For Women

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Women's Motor Fest Detroit


Automotive Hall of Fame
21400 Oakwood Blvd.
Dearborn, MI 48124

Date & Hours

Date: June 3, 2023

Festival Hours: 11:00 AM –  3:00PM

Key Information


The achievements in any one of Betty’s Skelton’s passions—flying, driving, and even automotive advertising—easily qualify her as a trailblazer. Put them all together and there are few who compare in terms of breaking down gender barriers in her time. Known as The First Lady of Firsts, Betty Skelton racked up an astounding number of achievements, including several land speed records.
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Workshop Led by: Lori Johnson

Even with the advanced technology of vehicles today, there are still things under the hood that you can check, add to, and maintain. This class will show you how.  To learn more about Ladies, Start Your Engines! visit here

Workshop Led by: Miranda Rumfelt

This workshop will introduce attendees to the world of automotive design. Women will learn the process of how a vehicle is designed by transforming an idea in your head into a sketch then into a 3D clay model. Attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with sketching and sculpting a clay model themselves (weather permitting).

Workshop Led by: Lori Johnson

Even with the advanced technology of vehicles today, there are still things under the hood that you can check, add to, and maintain. This class will show you how.  To learn more about Ladies, Start Your Engines! visit here

During the turbulent 1960s, the quest for women’s rights was invigorated. In motorsports, where names like Andretti and Petty transcended the racetrack, a lone woman emerged from their shadow – Paula Murphy. Fast, fearless, and versatile – auto racing had never seen anyone like her. Dubbed the “World’s Fastest Woman on Wheels,” Murphy was more than a speed demon. When she hit the throttle, attitudes toward female drivers changed forever.
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Agenda: Bands & DJ

Bri got her start as a DJ and performer out West in Texas where she worked with an amazing international DJ and tapped into her talent. Since arriving in Ohio, she has had the pleasure of hosting local karaoke shows, dance parties, and private parties. Bri loves to sing just as much as she loves to use music to move a crowd.  You can learn more about Bri here.



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Celebrate With Us At Our Detroit Auto Show for Women

If you are looking for an auto show exclusively for women, you may be hard-pressed to find one. We know that men aren’t the only ones that love cars. Women love cars too!  This is what inspired us to have the first-ever Detroit Auto Show for Women.  

The automotive industry, of course, is still dominated by men. Up until now, car shows for women have been virtually non-existent.  However, as women are becoming more visible in all aspects of the automotive industry, including engineering and design, we felt it was due time that women in automotive were celebrated.

Women have been underrepresented in the automotive industry for years, but that tide is changing. Still, if you search for car shows for women, they just don’t exist. We are putting an end to that.

Women’s Motor Fest is the first of its kind and will take place in Metro Detroit on June 3rd, 2023. We are the only auto show in North America created by women for women. Our mission is to empower women in the world of automotive, skilled trades, and motorsports.  

One of the most well-known women in the automotive industry is Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors.  General Motors is the largest automaker in the US and is located in Detroit, Michigan.  We felt it was fitting to have our first Women’s Motor Fest, in the Motor City. 

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Detroit Auto Show for Women happening in Metro Detroit on June 18, 2022

Not only are there more women in the automotive industry, but there are more women interested in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs, than ever.

While the automotive industry has been seen as a male-dominated industry for years, the car buying market is dominated by women. Women are as interested in cars as men, and actually buy more cars than men. According to Forbes, Women buy 62 percent of all new cars and influence more than 85 percent of car sales.  This means women love cars as much as men and buy more of them!  

Women are also venturing into the world of classic cars. According to the New York Times, more women are getting into vintage cars. Not just buying them, but fixing them up.

More women are buying motorcycles. In fact, 20 percent of all motorcycle riders are women.  And more women are buying trucks.  Ford says they are attracting more female truck buyers. Todd Eckert, Ford truck marketing manager, told CNBC, “We really are seeing a new customer coming into Ford. And that was really our ambition with Maverick was to appeal to a younger, more diverse customer.”

We thought it was about time that women were celebrated for their passion for cars.  Women’s Motor Fest is not your typical car show. Women’s Motor Fest is a women-focused event featuring cars that women love. Our Detroit Auto Show is a celebration of strong, empowered women who love cars, trucks, motorcycles, and the world of automobiles. 

You are invited to Women's Fest in Detroit, June 3, 2023

We’ll have a ton of activities at Women’s Motor Fest including workshops, entertainment, and products to try.  And of course, there will be cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.

To participate, you can bring any kind of motor vehicle. If you can drive it or haul it, it’s welcome to be in the show.  Register your vehicle now, or sign up to be a volunteer.

We invite you to come, bring your family, and your friends to Women’s Motor Fest.  Join us at our show in SoCal or our Mid-West shows in Detroit, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio. Help us celebrate women in automotive by turning out for the first car (truck, motorcycle, ATV…whatever gets your blood pumping) show of its kind.

We hope you will attend both shows if you can. Although both shows are part of Women’s Motor Fest, they won’t be identical shows.

Our Detroit Auto Show is June 3rd in Metro Detroit and our second show is on August 26th in Columbus, Ohio.  Get in touch with us for more information on Women’s Motor Fest.