female truck driver explaining why more women are becoming truck drivers

Why 2022 is the Year for Women Truck Drivers

The timing couldn’t be more fortuitous for women thinking about entering the truck driving industry. With the demand of truckers being at an all-time high and highly competitive wages, the year 2022 is the year for women truck drivers. There are quite a few reasons why more women are becoming truck drivers in 2022.

The freedom and adventure that come from a more flexible work schedule and high pay are just some of the benefits that women drivers are experiencing in this field. 

Still, in a year where more women are becoming truck drivers than ever, according to our research “can females be truck drivers” and “is it safe to be a female truck driver” are still making the ranks in Google searches. Not only can females be truck drivers, but all over the country, women are seeing the advantages of becoming a truck driver and more and more women are choosing it for their profession.

woman truck driver walking past trucks at a truck stop

Why More Women are Becoming Truck Drivers

A whole generation of truck drivers are at the age of retiring which means that trucking businesses are competing for new drivers. Better benefits and higher wages are being offered to many entering the industry. Below are just some of the perks for female truck drivers. 


Truck driving in the past has been a difficult road for women to travel. The lonely, long grueling hours of driving from one destination to the next were not for the faint of heart. But trucking businesses are becoming more savvy when it comes to allowing truckers more freedom in their schedules. Many companies are seeing the benefits of hiring entrepreneur truckers who can create their own schedules. 

Women are enjoying the freedom that being a trucker affords them not only in their schedules but also the financial freedom that is provided with the job. 

Being a truck driver can be fun. As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to make your truck your own. Hot pink, dark blue with flames, a dashboard lined with succulents, or even your pet in the passenger seat. There are few limits to what your “office” can look like. 


Trucking plays an important role in our society. Many women truckers thrive on the feeling of purpose and importance their role as a trucker has afforded them. They feel the satisfaction of delivering products that people are in need of and are happy to be of service to others. 


If you have a great sense of adventure then trucking could be the thing for you. Traveling the country is one of the greatest perks of being a driver. Exploring new places and seeing things that most people don’t get to experience is a great reason why more and more female drivers are entering the industry. They love the freedom to explore and experience new places.

Why More Women are Becoming Truck Drivers and Excelling in the Trucking Industry 

Trucking businesses are realizing the benefits of hiring women drivers all over the country. Women are more risk-averse, which means that they get into fewer accidents. And they drive more hours a month on average which is advantageous both for the company and the driver. And let’s face it, women are awesome at the jobs that they do. They are hard-working and caring which is what every industry needs. 

happy female truck driver driving a commercial truck

What it takes to get into trucking 

As previously stated trucking is not for the faint of heart. If you are thinking of joining the trucking force then there are some things you need to consider. 


You need to be able to lift an average of 75 lbs. up to chest height and sometimes more. The tires alone on an industrial truck can weigh up to one hundred and fifteen pounds. Usually, truck drivers don’t have to lift tires or cargo but there are situations that could arise that you would have to lift something heavy. 

You also need to be able to climb in and out of a 13.5-foot cab. Luckily there are sturdy stairs and handholds for climbing in and out of your truck. 

All-weather Driving 

Truck drivers are on the road 24-7 all year round. Therefore they face every type of weather on any given day. Have you driven on icy or snowy roads before? If so, you know that sliding around on the road can be a heart-stopping adventure. But don’t let that deter you. Trucks have lots of equipment made for just such a circumstance. 

Women also need to be situationally aware when at truck stops. Women can be more vulnerable at truck stops where there are some rough people. However, if you use common sense and safety rules then you should not have any problems. 

Acquire a CDP and CDL License 

The most strenuous part of becoming a truck driver is the rigorous CDL licensing process. Classes usually last about eight weeks to become a licensed truck driver. There are both written and manual tests that are involved when becoming certified. 

These classes can cost up to $5,000 but almost all trucking companies offer tuition reimbursement and job guarantees for completing the certification.

According to the US Department of Labor, only 7.9% of truckers are women. And many companies are looking for female employees to be able to raise that number higher. So let’s get out there and get those trucking jobs!

At Women’s Motor Fest, we support women in automotive, skilled trades, and male-dominated industries. If you are a woman truck driver, share your experience in the comments. Tell us why more women are becoming truck drivers.