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What You Need To Know

  • Pre-registration vehicle entry fee is $15/ vehicle– Pre-registration closes 11:59 pm (event’s local time) the day before the event. 
  • In-person vehicle registration on day of event is $20/ vehicle
  • If you are a couple and you each have your own car, you can drive in together.  Please register each
    vehicle separately under the female partner’s/wife’s name.

There are no make, model or age restrictions for vehicles to register for this show. All motorcycles, cars, trucks, dirt bikes, ATVs will be eligible to be entered into the fest.  If it has a motor and you can get it to our event location, it can be entered into the fest.  

  • The vehicle does not have to be registered in a women’s name, but the registration form must be completed in a women’s name.  Our expectation would be that she drives it to and from the show (unless she has a collection cars/motorcycles/trucks/ATVs and she needs help getting the rest of her cars to show.)
  • For those amazing Dads that work on their car with their daughter(s)–Yes you can register too!   We ask that you enter your daughter’s name so when we make announcements she can hear her name over the loudspeakers.  Dad, you should enter your contact information for the remaining fields in the form.

  • Are you a husband and wife that share a car?  You can enter as a couple, but the female partner/wife must be driving it to the show and please complete the registration in her name.

Yes!  You will receive a gift bag when you check-in on the day of the event.

Countdown To The Fest

Detroit Metro Fest

If you missed the Detroit fest this year, don’t worry we’ll be back!

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Columbus Ohio

Let’s make year two even bigger!!!

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